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YOSTER at XIII Florence Biennale
 October 2021

'Crown of Sand'

I was born and raised in Be’er-Sheva, at the ‘30th parallel north’ and part of the main worldwide desert trip.

The desert - its harsh conditions, abstract landscapes and raw materials have been my childhood landscape and my source of inspiration.

I am in constant search of forms whose essence contains both spirit and materialism, wind and stone. I created a crown for the mythological Phoenix, in contrast to western mythology, as a female bird.
‘Crown of Sand’ is a three-dimensional crown within a ring that brings together life and movement. It is a blend of warmth and coolness, silver and gold.
“I know from within the life cycle of the Phoenix. I have risen as a woman and a sculptor from my own ruins, losing touch of solid ground just to feel the energy of life erupting and taking me to new identities.”

Hila Amar, the founder and designer of Yoster.

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