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Yoster jewelry blends precision, power and emotion. The vision is to create sculptural jewelry that you can bond with, be empowered by, and one day pass forward.

Driven by materials and inspired by natural patterns, Yoster searches for forms whose essence contains both spirit and materialism. 

Yoster believes that desirability and sustainability can exist in harmony. All of the production processes are strictly environmentally friendly.

YOSTER Jewelry | Contemporary yet timeless
Yoster - desert


Yoster comes from the desert.

From its harsh conditions,

abstract landscape and raw materials.

Inspired by the pace of wind crafting stone.


Combining traditional craftsmanship and technological progress,

3D printing and artisan techniques.

Yoster is a fusion of technology and craftsmanship.

Yoster is monumentally designed to be passed on

from generation to generation.

It's you, creating your own legacy.



Yoster was founded by the designer Hila Amar. Amar graduated from the department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar College in Israel / Palestine. Over the last few years, Amar presented at several art exhibitions, including the Florence Biennale. 


Yoster is named after Amar’s parents, Yosi and Ester. In their short lives, they taught her the two most important skills for an artist: 

how to touch and how to believe.​

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