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5 Lottery winners will get to send old/broken Silver in return of melting and cast it to a new Yoster jewelry.



Terms and condition:


- Whoever wants to participate must be a follower on Instagram.

- To enter the lottery you need to share this project in any way you want and tag Yoster, or by tagging a friend in a comment (every tag consider as an entry).
- Time to participate: 18/11- 24/11
- The lottery will be streaming LIVE Story on the 24/11 via Instagram story

1. The old jewelry must be 925 sterling silver or fine silver. If there are stones or other materials in the jewelry they will not be calculated and can be returned to the client together with the new Yoster jewelry.


2. The customer can send up to 10gr of Silver.

2. The shipping fees for the jewelry to Yoster, including its insurance, will be taken care of and paid by the customer.

3. Yoster is not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages that have been sent to Yoster.


4. We are also not responsible for mis-delivery errors to Yoster.  

In return, Yoster will provide a new Yoster jewelry in the similar weight of silver as the old jewelry. 

5. The customer will be able to choose the new jewelry from the Yoster catalog based on the weight of the old jewelry. The customer can add an extra payment to order a more expensive jewelry. The client will be sent a notice once the package has been sent.

6. The client may change their mind and cancel the deal in writing before the new jewelry package has been sent. In such a case the shipping back bill, including its insurance, will be paid to Yoster by the client. Proceeding the payment of the shipping, the old jewelry will be sent back.

7. Once the new jewelry has been sent from Yoster studio it is not returnable or refundable.


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