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Yoster X Sabina Musáyev SS20

Yoster & Sabina Musáyev joined forces for ss20 to create a unique capsule jewelry collection.

Sabina Musáyev who is known for her powerful & feminine designs united with Yoster.
The collection is inspired by an exotic paradise and the life it holds. The statement textile prints designed for the main collection reminds us of traditional folk florals. Looking closely you discover reptile-like shapes & textures, romantic and beautiful yet dangerous and poisonous.

Using Sterling silver and gold plated set with freshwater and baroque pearls, these hybrid visual motives come to life in the form of raw & textured shapes.
We believe that the jewelry created with Sabina Musáyev SS20 are complementing each other.

Photographer: Shai Yehezke

Models: Sean Levi (Elinor Shahr) & Lisa Yakovina (MC2)

Makeup: Guy Tako

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